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User Interface Noodlings

for Unix



TkCVS is an open-source, cross-platform GUI for the CVS and Subversion revision-control systems.  It runs on Unix/Linux, Windows, and MacOS X.

Read about it on the TkCVS Page.

FVWM Decors

My FVWM Decors page has sample configuration files and some very decorative themes for the FVWM window manager.

X Color Chooser

choosexcolor shows "paint chips" of the X11 colors. If you click one, it paints your root window that color so you can see the effect of a large area of it. This was my first Tk application. (17K)


mahjongg tiles

Mahjongg Tiles

Xmahjongg has been wrecking productivity for years, since Mark Holm first ported it to Suntools. I helped him out by drawing tiles in 6 glorious colors. Thanks to Eddie Kohler, the game has a new lease on life. And now that we have truecolor graphics, I celebrated by making a new tileset.